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Lunch Prices for the month of


 BREAKFAST                              LUNCH


PAID- $1.00                               PAID- $2.30

REDUCED- $0.30                       REDUCED- $0.40







  • We encourage parents to prepay for your child's meals.  Meals may be paid by the week, month, semester or year.  Any unused money may be carried over to the next week, month, semester or year.
  • Parents will receive a note regarding their child's breakfast/lunch charges on a weekly basis.  Your child's charges need to be paid, along with money for future meals within three school days.  If charges are not paid by the fourth day, your child will receive an alternative meal consisting of the main dish and a milk.  He/she will continue to receive this meal until charges are paid in full.
  • When sending breakfast/lunch money with your child, please put it in an envelope marked with the child's name, teacher, amount and how much money is to go towards each student's meal account.  Unless the parent specifies, all money will be applied to the student's lunch account.
  • Children may purchase extra milk for $0.45
  • Those parents who wish to apply for free or reduced meals for their children can obtain applications in either English or Spanish at the cafeteria office located in the high school cafeteria.  After the applications have been filled out, bring the applications back to school. For more information about free and reduced meals, please call Rita Huntsberger 405-853-4731
  • Parents are welcome to join children for lunch anytime, but we request that you phone the school secretary by 8:00 AM the day you wish to eat.  The cost is $4.00 for any age guest meal.




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