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Enrollment papers were sent home and should have been returned in the spring. There will not be an enrollment day for students. 

Enrollment for students NEW to the DISTRICT August 1

School Supply Lists & Athletic Forms for 2017-18 HERE

First Day of School August 10!!!!


Pre-AP Freshmen 2017 Summer Reading Assignment 

 Welcome to your first summer reading assignment! Since who is going to be teaching this class next year is still undecided, I’m going to be supervising you through this. Summer reading is not a fun thing to do, but it is necessary.

  Why do we have to do this?

 The reason I have you do this every summer is to get as many books in you by the time you take the AP test as possible. This is because the Open question on the test (if you choose to take it) requires you to write about a book from memory. The catch is you won’t know what the prompt is until you are taking the test, so the more books you have to choose from the better your chances are.

  What book am I supposed to read?

 This summer you will be reading Lord of the Flies by William Golding. You can check this out at the school library, the town library, or you can buy or borrow a copy.

 What’s the assignment?

Part 1

 Write a concise summary of the plot, main characters and themes. This means no less than a page summarizing each of these.

 The plot is the action- exposition, rising action, climax, etc.

  • You need to write a paragraph (no more than ½ a page) for each of the main characters.

  • For themes, decide what the big ideas in this book are. In other words, what does this book teach us about? Is it about love, hate, revenge, etc.? Once you’ve chosen your big ideas (and there should be more than one), write a paragraph explaining what the book says about that idea. For example, if the idea you choose is love (spoiler: It’s not, for this book.), you could write that the book says that love is patient and forgiving. Then explain how the book makes that point.

 Part 2

 Quote Journal

 Fold several loose-leaf pages in half vertically to make two equal long columns. Label the left hand column Quotes and the right hand column Significance.

  • If you have any questions, include them in this log. We will address questions as we discuss the novel.

  • As you read, choose 2 quotes per chapter which you feel are significant (in terms of a key character’s development, a recurring or important theme, or which simply made you think about an idea in a new or different way). Make sure your quotes are long enough to have something to talk about. Tiny quotes will result in a tiny grade. Leave considerable amounts of room between your choices.

  • On the right column, reflect on the significance of what is being said. Ponder your selected quotes and try to answer your own questions in this space. Make connections to the world outside the reading, explain how the selected quote is important to a character or event, and/or use the quote as a springboard for personal reflection.

  When and how is this due?

 This is due on the first day of school. They do not need to be typed, but they must be legible. Make sure your name is on the top page. You may put it in a folder, or just staple it.

  Hennessey Public School is excited to have launched a funding project with Donor’s Choose.  By going to Donor’s Choose and searching for Hennessey projects or going directly to the Hennessey link you can help fund a classroom project and you know exactly where your tax deductible donation is going and what it is going for.  Please share this information with your friends and family.

Hennessey Public Schools Vision 

“Our vision for HPS is to empower our students with the skills and desire to achieve at their highest possible levels in life and to create a positive environment for all learners.”

 Just a reminder that Hennessey Public Schools has a Food Bank. It is open to any family in our district. No questions asked, no paper work to fill out. Food can be picked up during school time or after school by appointment. Available is food, soup, and paper products. Please call the middle school for more information or to ask about a pick up

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