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kate helloWelcome parents! 

The library is a place that your child frequents often in Elementary school.  Whether they are attending a story time, finding new books, working on their chromebooks or just stopping in to say hi— I enjoy getting to know each one of them!  Below I will outline some FAQs, further explain goals vs. points & tell you how to setup AR Home Connect to stay up to date on what your child is reading.  For information on our bi-annual Book Fairs, please visit that page HERE (I’m always in need of parent volunteers!) 

Please feel free to stop by at anytime to ask questions or call the school to speak with me at anytime!


  • How long can my child keep their library book? Students may keep their library books for 2 weeks at a time. If they are still reading their books after the 2 weeks, they will need to bring the book in for renewal.
  • What happens if they turn a book in late? We do not assess late fines to students in the Elementary library. It's important to keep track of their books at all times or bring a book in for renewal if they would like to keep it longer.
  • What happens if a book is lost or damaged? Students are responsible for the books they have checked out. If a book is damaged, please bring the book in to see if it can be repaired. If the book can't be repaired or is lost, the cost to replace the book will be due (cash or check made out to Hennessey Elementary)
  • How many books can they have out at a time? THREE. We recommend students check out two books within their reading levels. The third book (known as a "BONUS BOOK") can be of any book level. We hope this allows them to explore books of all interests regardless of whether it is in their level or not.

AR Home ConnectAR Home Connect

Home Connect is how parents can keep up to date on what their child is reading, what they scored on each AR test and stay on top of their progression towards their AR goals.

To view your child’s AR information:

To sign up for e-mail alerts each time your child takes an AR test:

  • Login to your child’s account using the information above.
  • In the top right corner, click “Email Setup” & follow on the on page examples.
  • You can add up to 6 different people to be notified.
  • If you set this up in previous years, you do NOT need to set it up year to year.

GOALS: Goals are set each 9 weeks by their classroom teacher.  Students who are testing above their minimum percentage (see chart below) AND reading at/above their recommended book level will be able to attend our 9 week reward parties!  Book levels are determined by their STAR test, which is taken at three different times throughout the school year.  

  • Kinder/1st GRADE –  75% +
  • 2nd GRADE – 80% +
  • 3rd/4th/5th GRADE – 85% + 

POINTS: Points are collected with each book read & AR test taken.  As they received points, they make pick out a small prize from each point club basket during their class time in the library.  Students are not required to reach a certain number of points to attend AR parties.  Instead, points are an added BONUS! Any student (regardless of grade) who receives 30 pts during a 9 week period will be able to join us for our Pizza Hut party!

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